What We Do


At The Language Shop, Our experienced translators are native speakers of the target language who are qualified to provide all language translation services in any file format and in all areas of specialization including but not limited to:

• Medical and Scientific
• Legal and Law
• Website and Online Games Localization
• Corporate and Commercial
• Political and Social Sciences
• Financial and Banking
• Technical and Engineering
• Certified Official Document Translations


We offer sight translation, escort, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in all situations including but not limited to:

• Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
• Depositions (EBTs)
• Court Interpreting
• Conference Interpreting
• Jailhouse Visits

Editing and Proofreading:

It is always best for your document to be reviewed by at least one extra pair of eyes.

▶ We will edit your translation by referring to the source document.
▶ We can also proofread your document in the target language without referring to the source document. These are important steps to every translation or writing project.


We can provide a transcript of your video and/or audio file for any purpose including but not limited to:

• Wiretaps (Surveillance)
• Documentaries and Interviews
• Commercials
• TV Shows and Movies

We also provide the following services:

▶ Training Seminars for Translators and other Language Service Providers
▶ Desktop Publishing and post-DTP Review (Copy Editing)
▶ Voiceovers and/or Dubbing




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